We are about making a difference in lives

Together on Purpose knows firsthand the challenges and struggles of facing incarceration early on in life and the path it takes an adult through as they navigate the world or re-entry.

  • Creating opportunities for rehabilitation and growth is paramount to the success of our mission

  • We hope to provide inspiration for men and women in recovery or crisis to find the opportunity to discover the source of their problem

  • By providing strategies towards navigating the stepping stones of recovery, the desire is to turn a cycle of misfortune into purposeful success


Read what our volunteers, sponsors and audience have to say about our work

It is such an encouragement to see the heart of the Young Family and their volunteers . They have been instrumental in equipping and training up these men and students for success in the field of their purpose. The unity of the community and the willingness of these participants to Think Up and change the trajectory of their lives by centering their mindset, attitude, patterns, limitations and relationship with God is empowering. I just know that righteousness and growth have been sowed for generations to come. This is exactly the type of training our youth and families need to invest their time and resources into. I can hardly wait to see how much more the organization impacts our community with the support they receive.


The story of Together on Purpose is the result of the overflowing commitment of its founders Rose and Vaughn Young to serve those in need. These two people and their staff and volunteers are focused on helping those involved in the justice system and/or recovering from an addition to see life with an entirely different perspective. They help the clients develop an inward confidence and professional presence both of which enable the client to succeed in life and contribute to society. The impact of this organization is going to be noted widely across Southwest FL in the years ahead.

Debra H.

Working along side the together on purpose organization was truly a dream come true. Originally coming off a school year full of uncertainty due to Covid, this opportunity was crucial for the community. Vaughn Young is far greater than just a mentor to me, he is a helping hand in the community for the advancement of children, and personally opened a lense of perspective I previously didn’t have. He saw my sense of leadership, attentiveness to others and me truly wanting to make an impact. He began to make that my reality when it came to helping with organizing the trunk fest & extending the opportunity to seniors who could be greatly effected. All in all, the sense of community that seemed to be put on the back burner due to the pandemic was back and greater than ever. Truly a success!

Spencer C.

Our Approach

Why we are here and more about what we do

The Problem

Most justice involved and recovery (JI/R) individuals face significant social adaptation issues, which can include family/community stigmatization and ostracism and an ensuing negative impact on their ability to find jobs or housing, return to formal education or build (or rebuild) individual and social capital.

Unless they receive help to face these issues, they risk getting caught up in a vicious cycle of failed social integration, reoffending, reconviction, and social rejection.

For many people, the most difficult aspect of reentry and addiction recovery is remaining clean and sober after they return to society. The reasons for this vary, but the most common factor is a lack of preparation for the outside world.

In addition, many offenders intend to become law-abiding citizens when they’re released from jail or prison but face an uphill battle to living a conventional life yet have few job skills, lack formal education, and experience discrimination.

Florida’s recidivism rate is nearly 25% for the past three years. Justice Department records show nearly 5 million Floridians have been arrested at some point. Currently over 1,000 provisions of Florida law limit the rights, benefits, and opportunities of people with past convictions, which is higher than most other states. Seventy nine percent of these restrictions are employment-related, and 85% are of indefinite duration and can be lifelong.

Programs are paramount to reducing recidivism by preparing JI/R individuals for employment, enabling them to positively engage with others and their families, could improve public safety and benefit Florida industry.

The Solution

Together on Purpose (TOP) offers an integrated approach to supporting those in transition from JI/R offering each client the best chance for a healthy, prosperous future. Its mission is to empower justice-involved and recovery individuals experiencing reentry challenges through personal and professional development.

Our vision is that all clients are employed with plans to be contributing members of society. TOP programs, mentors and connection to community resources offers its clients an avenue for a healthy transition back into society.

DREAM is a program to enhance community reentry for JI/R men and support and intervention for at-risk male youth. The program curriculum uses Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) and Authentic Leadership (AL) to develop strong characters. In addition, it teaches interviewing skills and offers appropriate interview attire and hygiene. DREAM partners include Barron Collier High School, Project Build, Collier NAACP, and Lee County Re-entry Coalition.

TO-GET-HER on Purpose is a program for JI/R women and at-risk girls. The program offers recovery/life coaching to these women and girls equipping them to build solid foundations and relationships for a purpose-driven, fulfilled future. The focus is on recovery and long-term sobriety. Clients are referred from: Women’s Shelter, Naples Jail Center, Providence House, NextStep Sober Living -Women, Youth Haven, and Daughters of SWFL.

Sober Living Home offers affordable sober living with 1on1 Coaching for transitional support and other key resources for at-risk women. This home for eight clients will offer a comfortable and supportive environment for the clients to complete MRT and AL in residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are officed at 4001 Santa Barbara Blvd #331, Naples FL 34104.

Volunteer by contacting us, donating and/or providing career clothing donations & participate in our Amazon Smile program.

We are empowering justice-involved, recovery and at-risk youth experiencing transitional challenges through personal and professional development.

Accountability partners, family support, employment assistance, and mental health/addiction recovery coaching.

Recidivism is one the most fundamental concepts in criminal justice. Referring to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime.